Available for immediate purchase in the store

Salt & pepper shakers, coasters and wooden dolls are in stock and can be purchased directly from the store.


Furniture can be custom ordered to a different size, configuration or wood.  Prices for some items depend on the wood chosen and changes made to meet individual needs.

Some furniture is in stock and available for immediate purchase.  Most pieces are made to order.  Please email for more information about any piece you are interested in.

Finishes, stains and aging

Durable, water and alcohol resistant finishes are used on all of my work unless a client specifically asks for something different or on the wooden dolls (e.g. shellac).  With the exception of ebonizing (the process of making wood black) I finish all of my furniture in their natural color..  Clear finishes enhance the wood’s natural color and grain. 

All wood darkens with age, some more than others and always more quickly when exposed to sunlight.  Cherry, for example, is very light in color when first finished. While stains can darken it immediately, the beautiful, rich, translucent color associated with aged cherry cannot be matched in any other way. My preference then is to let the sun and time do their work. The wait is worth it.

Shipping, Crating and Delivery

I am happy to deliver furniture in Dane County or its environs. Furniture can also be shipped nationally and internationally.  A quote can be obtained from shipping services to pack and ship.

Furniture is shipped fully insured

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